How to create human voices for your business with truly natural text to speech?

What is Text-to-speech (Speech synthesis) Technology?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a virtual assistant with AI technology that reads the text aloud. Unlike others, ADCREW's TTS, Talk-With-AI uses advanced techniques to produce high-quality natural human voices to help you engage and improve the customer experience. With voice selection enabled, it is available in 191 high-quality voices, across 46 countries and 52 languages to choose from, it is a must-have tool for content creators.

Wondering if ADCREW's Talk-With-AI is right for your business?

Who can use this?

VOICEOVER: Create your natural-sounding voice with just a click!

If you are a marketer and your client is asking you to pick a voice for their products within a minute. Using ADCREW's TTS service in this difficult situation is the best choice to beat all competitors. No pain, still gain!

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AUDIOBOOKS: Making audiobooks or PodCasts to sell on the Internet!

Making money online is an attractive idea! You can’t just keep on speaking and speaking for the whole day in your life to make audiobooks with your throat hoarse.

VOICES FOR BUSINESS: You can create professional voices for your business telephone system.

Many enterprises are using automated services with a natural-sounding voice for their business. With the dynamic, flexible, and adaptive modern business, the entrepreneurs have the reason to use Text-to-speech service for their business nowadays.

LEARNING LANGUAGES: It allows you to listen to the natural voices of any text aloud.

The hardest part of learning new languages is pronunciation. As a result, if you are not good at it, you are not good at listening, too. Talk-With-AI gives you a chance to listen to the NATIVE VOICE from most of the languages in the world.

And Many More!