Coaching Online: How To Maximize Your Trainees

Published: Sun, 04 Apr 2021 04:47:09 GMT
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One of the very popular methods to monetize online coaching today is to do the online training courses and sell them. Coaching online is one of the proven methods that makes money! Some people prefer in-person training through Zoom or another video conferencing. They want to interact directly with trainees, so that this kind of squash should be in real time.

Did you know:

There are other ways to reduce the hard work of coaching life, that is to make the training material such as training videos, presentations, e-books, audiobooks... These materials must be organized in some public places so that students can reach them. The more impressions users can look for, if their Call-To-Action and Automation mechanism is good enough, they will have great opportunities to turn these impressed users into their apprentices/customers.

As a matter of fact, you should keep 30% of your jobs for training in person, and 70% for training materials that can be done with automation! Why? If you make the training material such as training videos for online coaching, that means, the trainees still continue to learn the races while you are sleeping! It helps you reduce the anxiety of overworked performance.

General types of online courses for life coaching:

1. In-person training Web-based training

2. Tele-conferencing or video conferencing

3. Audio conferencing

4. Web Meetings, or webinars

5. Colleges and Universities Online

6. Preparation of the cooperation document

In this section, I would like to share with you the best practices of making online coaching equipment: training videos or audio conferencing, similar to audiobooks. Keep in mind: training videos are magical stuff that can be sold while you're sleeping! I know, I mentioned this once before!

You're an expert at face-to-face training or on the classroom stage. Have you ever thought, if you stop a course in real time once, your income for this class will be lost! But training videos or other training material are not! They work all the time.

To make training videos for online coaching, there are several ways to do it. Here is a list of ways you can consider doing this yourself:

Record your real training videos in class

Recording your training videos in a real class/courses then editing them with a video editor such as iMove, Movie Maker, TechSmith... for late use. Suggestions:

Use the best devices to record the video: If you want to make the recording yourself, instead of entering a recording studio, here are some tips for you. Your recording place should be a small room with no noticeable echo or "room tone." It should be as quiet and soundproof as possible. You'd better use a high-quality studio condenser microphone to record your voice. Install a pop filter in front of the microphone to eliminate noise from "plosive" consonants like "p" and "b."

Video quality: it is better to choose 4K or 8K cameras, and support 30 frames/sec during recording. This video quality allows you to modify later, to maintain HD quality with many video effects such as zooming, panning...

Using Text To Speech software such as Talk-With-AI to turn your coaching script to audioMany coaches use Talk-With-AI to make their training videos. Text-to-speech (TTS) is a virtual assistant with AI technology that reads the text aloud.

Unlike others, ADCREW's TTS, Talk-With-AI uses advanced techniques to produce high-quality natural human voices to help you engage and improve the customer experience. With voice selection enabled, it is available in 191 high-quality voices, across 46 countries and 52 languages to choose from, it is a must-have tool for content creators.

Record computer screen as training video

Some softwares allow you to save the screen of your computer with the built-in camera to make the training videos. They're SnagIt, TechSmith, Camtasia... You can use these software to record training videos while presenting your presentation on the screen with a small thumbnail of your face at the corner of the screen.

Mixing these methods

The best way to create good training video is by using all the above methods:

1. Record your training footage

2. Use Talk-With-AI as a text-to-speech program to read scripts

3. Record the presentation on the computer screen (optional)

4. Use video editor programs to build attractive training videos

5. Publish them on your e-learning training website

6. Interactive methods for online coaching

To make the training videos attractive to your online training courses, you should make videos with some internal interactive sections; or use these methods on the training website with training videos. Here are some of the common interactive methods:

1. Quizzes

2. Discussions in small groups

3. Case Studies Active Summaries

4. Question and Answer Sessions

Therefore, using interactive online coaching sessions for training videos will allow your trainees to participate in training videos, making them more receptive to the new information.

9 steps to begin selling your videos online

Here's how you can start selling videos online in 9 steps in basic ways:

1. Find your video topic niche

2. Plan your content before you start

3. Decide on a payment structure with the check-point for call-to-action

4. Create your videos using the above methods

5. Upload your videos to all potential online learning platforms

6. Organize its content so that apprentices can reach them

7. Customize your website to attract users

8. Create branded native apps for your training videos

9. Promoting your video service with SEO & SEM

In Conclusion

The best way to maximize trainees is to build training videos and publish them to the e-learning websites. Did you know: People can make more than $5k a month (for real) by selling training videos online! Pursuing a video-on-demand business model (VOD) for training videos will increase your audience and keep it growing from now on.