How to keep your own voices last forever?

What are own voices meaning to us?


Own voices or personal perspectives are a trend in the publishing world. It is a way for people to explore their own narratives and identity, and make them a part of the work that they do.

It is important to note that not every writer can be his own voice writer. There are certain things and experiences that are unique to them and they should be careful about sharing them with other people. But if they do, then they should make sure that it is something that they want to share with the world.

A real own voices movement story:

I want to learn how to make a personal text-to-speech reader for my spouse before I die. My apologies if the title is too depressing. I have a gene that makes me more prone to get cancer, and I want to leave something meaningful for my spouse before I die.

When we first met, they said how much they love my own voice, and how it was their most favorite sound, they would say how they always wanted to get into reading as well, but their eye health has never been the best, and they have dyslexia.

So, they'd ask me to read little things for them here and there, but since I will be the first to die, and maybe much sooner than them, I would at least like my own voice they love so much to continue reading them those books long after I'm gone.

Is there a way to make a personalized text-to-speech reader in my own voice for my spouse?

Have you ever thought of having your own voice without speaking? Or making a Podcast channel with your own voice WITHOUT speaking a mountain of books in front of a microphone?

And, if you are a content creator, you also need a unique voice of your own instead of being vanished in the crowd. Using your own voice of self, forever young, to form the machine once and it helps you speak your own unique voice forever until you're getting old.

Besides, here is what people want: "I don't want many voices of other languages! I need my own voice and more voices in my mother language!". That is what people said when they were using other Text To Speech tools.

To be sure, this is a game-changer tool that allows you to speak out loud your text using Artificial Intelligence with your own voices (or any celebrity custom voices you want).

Keep your voice forever young with Talk-With-AI

What are our own voice books meaning to us?

What do our own voices book meaning to us? We're teenagers, or adults, or both. We're making our own voices heard. We're feeling the power of our words. We're sharing what we know, and what we've learned.

Best ownvoices books for us:

A best-selling and award-winning author of over seventy books, Francine Rivers skillfully tells the stories of steadfast love and courage in the face of life’s most challenging situations.

Francine Rivers has been a Christian fiction writer since 1979. She has written over 70 books with 17 million copies sold and her works published in at least 23 languages. She is known for her series about the Biblical woman, Marked By Love.

Own voice books are a great way to develop your own voice by writing about topics that you are personally interested in.

I recommend all of these books because they all have a different perspective on the subject that they cover. All of them make it clear what the best practices are for developing your own voice and also offer some perspective from other writers.

How can we do that?

Talk-With-AI has the ability to "clone" your own voice, or any voice you want to keep. It does not mean you record some voices in the audio formats and replay them! Not at all! It is exactly the "voice copy" method: you teach us your desired voices, and Talk-With-AI can speak your trained voice with any text you put in.

This is very important if you want to have your own unique voices for your Podcasts, videos… That means you don't have to read for hours to record something new. Just paste the text in and Talk-With-AI will do the rest for you.


Tips to record your custom own voices

If you want to make the recording yourself, rather than going into a recording studio, here are some tips for you. Your recording place should be a small room with no noticeable echo or "room tone." It should be as quiet and soundproof as possible. Drapes on the walls can be used to reduce echo and neutralize or "deaden" the sound of the room.

You'd better use a high-quality studio condenser microphone to record your voice. Install a pop filter in front of the microphone to eliminate noise from "plosive" consonants like "p" and "b."

Please stay at a consistent distance from the microphone. If you prefer to sit, take special care to monitor mic distance and avoid chair noise during the recording.

Manage your own voices list:

With Talk-With-AI, you have the opportunity to provide your own voices for any application using the Voice Studio. You can manage your own list of voices in real-time, preview them as you speak, and customize the sound and pitch of your own voices. No more cookie-cutter voices!

Terms and Conditions

Your custom voices must comply with:

Tips for the content:

You can use Diverse Books to look for non-profit content! Or try an ownvoices hashtag such as #diversebooks or "#diversebooks list" to discover the social content for your own voices.