Read Text Aloud With
Natural Voices!

Read Text Aloud With Natural Voices!

Have you ever heard about Artificial intelligence (AI)? According to Wikipedia, it is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals.

Talk-With-AI is a free Text To Speech (TTS) developed by ADCREW LLC. What can “Talk-With-AI” do for Content Creators? In this paragraph, we are going to talk about why the truly Content Creators should use it for their business. Here is the list of its incredible benefits you should know:


Create your own voice in dozen of languages by yourself with just 1 click!

Imagine you are a marketer and your client is asking you to pick a voice for their production, sometimes in foreign languages, within a minute. How can you do that, tell me! Using the TTS service in this hard situation is the best choice to beat all competitors. No pain, still gain!


Making audiobooks to sell on the Internet!

A voilà!

Making money online is an attractive idea! You can make your content to sell, and one of them is creating audiobook to sell. However, you can’t just keep on speaking and speaking for the whole day in your life to make audiobooks with your throat hoarse. You might think about hiring someone else to do it for you? Hmm, hiring means paying money for future investment in a long wait, sometimes, it makes you regret.

Do you ever talk to me “Not if I can help it”? Using Talk-With-AI can help it! Just 1 click, your speech is ready! Free!


You can create professional voices for your business telephone system.

A lot of enterprises are using automated services with natural voices for their business. It cuts the cost of human resources and increases profit and speed (I know, it is not good news for everyone). With the dynamic, flexible, and adaptive modern business, the entrepreneurs have the reason to use AI Text To Speech service for their business nowadays.


This TTS tool allows you to listen to the natural voices of any text aloud.

My mother language is not English, that is the fact! So take it or leave it, I have to learn English on my own. The hardest part of this learning is the pronunciation. As a result, if you are not good at pronunciation, you are not good at listening, too.

Finding a native speaking partner to ask him/her to speak to/with you may be another pain you are suffering. Meanwhile, you can give Talk-With-AI a try! As a result, you are also giving you a chance to listen to the NATIVE VOICE from most languages in the world.

And Many More!

All the voices in this video bellow were created by #TalkWithAI.

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