How to get videos monetized on YouTube using Text to Speech Voices with Talk-With-AI

Published: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 09:21:56 GMT
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Season: 1, Episode: 10


Every YouTuber wants his channel to get monetized but there is some criteria by YouTube for approval of channel for monetization. Main thing other than the criteria is the content.

Does content matter?

When the content is of excellent quality it will automatically get attraction of audience. When you have completed the criteria of YouTube monetization, you have to apply for the review of your channel.

1. Your channel is them reviewed by YouTube that you have followed terms and conditions or not.

YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows video uploads for free. In order to upload a video, users must agree to YouTube’s terms and conditions. These terms state that the content of the uploaded video cannot be hateful, inappropriate, or violent.

Since YouTube is a public forum with videos from all over, it can be difficult to monitor and review every single one of them. However, YouTube has developed an algorithm called "Content ID" which reviews user channels and content for violations against their rules. The system scans videos for copyrighted audio or other material and automatically blocks the videos if they detect anything illegal in the content.

Some people may not realise that this system exists and they may accidentally violate these Terms of Service without knowing it because it is hard to keep track of all these

2. Your content is new or repeated one or matches with already available video.

Some people think that by creating their own content they are competing with other people on YouTube, but the truth is that different content attracts different audiences.

If you have a new idea for a video or if you have an idea for a video with specific content, put it out there. If your video matches with any of the already available videos on YouTube, don't worry about it.

You can produce videos that are long-form, short-form, or any length in between. If you’ve got a story to tell or an idea to get out there, YouTube is the place to do it.

Forbes (2017)

YouTube has become an important part of how people get their news. It's also becoming a strong platform for digital content creators. Forbes noted that YouTube is often used by media outlets as a way to produce long-form shows and documentaries without the high cost of production that traditional programming requires.

All depends upon your way of creating the content, content topic, targeted audience, etc.

In making the YouTube videos we need voices. Voices may be for documentary, promotional video, audio books, voice over, educational videos, announcements, etc. Clear and noise free voices are difficult to create. You may need proper studio or room with all the audio equipments. Then the next thing you need is the software to process the audio. Another thing that matters is the accent. Sometimes you need exact special accent of that area or language.

Now the question arises!

How can you do that?

You can do this by using Talk-With-AI. You have to place the text and then there are accent available of many countries. There are 42 countries, 47 languages and 182 natural voices. If you want your own voice you can do that too by using tools in . You can read the text for this purpose but if it’s lengthy you can write the text and the clone of your voice will be used to create the voice of your text content. Moreover you can check the other options or tabs on website to know about tools of Talk-With-AI at Talk-With-AI.