The new feature is coming, Custom Voice

Published: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 22:21:21 GMT
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Season: 1, Episode: 8


Thank you for your interest in our new feature - The Custom Voice feature. For all benefits of owning custom voices, not only for your own voice but also for the talents' voices you need to use, this feature allows us to keep any young voice last forever.

People are getting old, we all know that! Our voices are getting older day after day, too. It is the fact we cannot deny it! Luckily, with the new technology nowadays, (the Advanced Artificial Intelligent that Talk-With-AI is using) we can archive our voices last forever!

There are many Text-To-Speech applications out there, we know that! But the fact is, not all of them have the natural voices for your business! And, most of them do not allow you to create your own voice for your personal uses. That's why we have been working so hard for this feature! We understand that having a unique voice for your own is very important, to make you stand out of the crowd!

We are writing this email to you to let you know that this feature is under the beta version (testing process). The custom voice is not natural enough, so we are continually working on it.

For the commercial version of this feature, we are planning to release it in the next 3 months. Keep following our blog & social channels for updates.

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