Podcasts: 4 incredible reasons for listening

Published: Sun, 07 Feb 2021 09:08:41 GMT
Business, Technology, Society & Culture
Season: 1, Episode: 6


1. Improving your health

Reading a long article on the screen is not good for your health. Instead, you can listen to Podcasts while walking outside. No more eye-strain and get your health improved with fresh air in your lung and strong blood in your veins.

2. The good exercise for your brain

Listening in addition to reading fires off more neurons in your brain and result in more to your memory function. Meanwhile, reading requires many senses to process text information.

3. You will sleep better

The blue light on the smart devices is not good for your health and result in bad sleep quality. However, listening to a story or music is different. Listening brings you to a night of sleep easier, and deeper.

4. Saving time while listening

Imagine that you are on a ride. Is it not easy to read, instead of listening to breaking news or audiobooks, right? You can listen to anything you want while having a bath or cooking.

The conclusion:

Listening improves your brain while reading improves your senses. Using Text To Speech tool such as Talk-With-AI to convert your long text into audio Podcasts to listen to.

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