Fascinating Talk-With-AI Tactics That Can Help Your Business

Published: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 03:24:52 GMT
Business, Technology, Society & Culture
Season: 1, Episode: 4


The paid versions of Talk-With-AI have a lot of features that you might never know before! It helps you create flexible and more alive contents, and get them published on Podcast channels the easiest way!

However, these features are not available in the free plan. To give it a try, please subscribe to an according plan which has been described below.

What can advanced tools do for your business?

Advanced Editor: the unveiled abilities!

You can create chilling stories to tell around the campfire with lots of sound effects such as exhale breathing, laughing...

You can insert your voices or sounds the ways you want! Record your mp3 audio files yourself and insert them into the script to make the content more alive.

Some tips to make your audios more humanlike, using this SSML Advanced Editor:

Scared voice: Set your script to say it faster and louder.

Uncertain voice: Make it speak slower and softer.

Podcasting Publishing:

You don't need podcast hosting anymore! With Talk-With-AI and just a click, your audio is published onto your Podcast channel immediately like a charm! That means people can hear your audio on Apple Podcasts or Spotify for just less than 5 minutes after your publishing work.

Creating a Podcast channel now is very simple! You can forget all things you've known about podcasts before!

With the Talk-With-AI Podcasting feature, there are only three things you have to do at the first time for your channel:

Fill in your Podcast channel information such as the channel's title, description, and pick an artwork image for it (First time only). Also, pick some categories which are best matched to your channel.

Register Podcast's RSS with other publisher platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify... To do this, go to the platforms you want your channel to be shown and register your RSS Feed. (First time only).

Create your audio file with the Advanced Editor the way you want to publish!

You've been all set! Don't know how to do it? Please contact us for the support!

Creating your personalization voice (available soon)

Making custom and unique voices for yourself is a big dream to make your content like no one else! This will make you separated from the crown, with your unique voices!

To make unique voices, you can use the Voice Studio to train them. After finishing the training, you can use Talk-With-AI to speak your own and unique trained voices from the text as usual!

The training process normally requires 100 recording sample sentences with your voice to make the machine learn your accent before using it.

From now on, you don't have to read a long speech in front of the microphone yourself, no more! Just paste the text in, your trained voice with AI will do the rest!